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Sous Vide One Pots Cookbook
Sous Vide One Pots Cookbook
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Be the first to review Recipes for soups, stews, braised dishes—all gently slow-cooked to perfection. Sous vide is the perfect technique for all-in-one-pot meals. When cooked sous vide, one-pot recipes transcend the notion of convenient but bland-flavored dishes. The vacuum-sealed pouch ensures that the food being cooked cannot dry out, and locks in flavor and nutrients. And because individual foods can be simmered in separate pouches in the water bath, their distinct flavors are enhanced.
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Recipes for gourmet, one-pot meals. Filled with traditional and new kitchen-tested recipes, this book will show you the sous vide way to convenient, gourmet meals that are ready and waiting at the end of the day. Caribbean beef stew, tandoori chicken, corned beef and cabbage, bourbon beef pot roast—all cooked to perfection, every time.

Sous Vide One Pots is a must-have addition to every busy cook’s book shelf. 

Recipes include: 
• bourbon beef pot roast 
• tandoori chicken 
• chicken kabobs and rice 
• ham and mushroom risotto 
• turkey meatball soup with rainbow chard 
• TexMex chowder 
• chicken curry with lentils and rice 
Plus other delicious, time-saving recipes!

Cookbook details: 
Size: 64 pages, 17x17 cm 
Publisher: Paradox Press, March 2011 
Soft cover 
Basic sous vide cooking instructions
Full color photos 
Step-by-step sous vide one-pot recipes for beef, poultry and pork

We also recommend our NEW Zip Pouches - quart and Zip Pouches - gallon, which are perfect for sealing liquid-rich foods, if you don't have a chamber vacuum sealer. 

To submerge liquids or liquid-rich foods in our zip bags, simply follow these instructions: 

1) Fill a zip-closure cooking pouch with food and/or fluid.
2) Slowly and carefully lower the filled pouch, with the zip closure still open, into the water bath (or into a large pot of cooler water, if you prefer.)
3) The weight of the water in the bath or pot will press against the sides of the pouch and force the air out of it as you lower the zip closure to the surface of the water.
4) Once the zip closure is at the water’s surface and most of the air has been evacuated from the pouch, zip it closed. The zip-sealed pouch should now stay submerged.

Sous Vide One Pots Cookbook

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